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Fine Gardening Magazine annually features the best new plant introductions.  There were 4 featured new trees - 2 of which Conifer Kingdom is one of the first nurseries to introduce!

Ginkgo biloba 'Snow Cloud'

Unique bright yellow-white variegation sets this ginkgo apart from the rest. Unlike some plants, the mottled color lasts throughout the growing season. In more sun, it is more butter and white colored. In fall, the foliage turns a brilliant gold.

Picea pungens 'Ruby Teardrops'

A beautiful dwarf spruce with blue-green foliage, 'Ruby Teardrops' is truly fabulous because of the red cones it produces in spring. The color combination is outstanding. Unlike typical dwarf spruce varieties, which might get a few cones once they are 15 or more years old, 'Ruby Teardrops' is loaded with cones-even on a 3-year-old plant.

Runners up for the April Fine Gardening issue

While they made an excellent selection in the Ruby Teardrops Colorado Spruce and Snow Cloud Ginkgo, there are so many other awesome varieties which we would also choose for 2016.  So take a look below to find out more about some of our favorites for this coming year and years to come!

Abies koreana 'Kohout's Ice Breaker'

Spring's new growth has needles that strongly twist around the branches, showing the brilliant white undersides. Its incredibly slow growth rate is a result of its origin as a witch's broom discovered on an already-slow-growing tree with similarly curved needles.  It's parent - Silberlocke is the variety which converted many gardeners into conifer enthusiasts.  Now this miniature version which grows to be an 18" ball in 10 years is doing the same thing, but 20 years later!

Acer palmatum 'Kuro hime'

This compact, upright-growing maple has two-toned new growth, displaying light-green leaves with ruby-red margins. Outstanding burgundy-red fall color is highlighted by undertones of deeper greens and purples.   Incredible tight globose form, this fits among any perennial border or foundation planting.  While most Japanese maples look drab toward the end of summer, the second flush of growth on this keeps it looking spring fresh.

Acer palmatum 'Radiant'™

This new introduction has stunning variegation that looks as though it has been painted on. The pink and white patches and spots are almost more prevalent than the green portions, giving this Japanese maple outstanding coloration. This variety is sure to be a winner.

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  • Carol .

    February 20, 2016 at 5:24 PM

    So beautiful!
    I’m getting my lists ready, and I just love
    all types of conifers.
    There’s always some green even in the worst of winters.
    Always radient, giving hope spring comes soon😊🌺👍