Pallet shipping specimens and large orders

Pallet shipping is the safest, most cost effective way to ship specimens and large quantities of trees in containers. When you order a specimen and get pallet shipping you can add more specimens or smaller container trees that ship for free!

How many plants can be shipped on a pallet?

It depends on the exact sizes of the trees, but usually 3-4 specimens can be shipped on a pallet or one specimen as well as: 25+ #7/#10 containers, 50+ #3/#5 containers, or 100+ #1 containers. 

What are the benefits of shipping on a pallet?

Pallet shipping is a safer, more cost effective way of transporting specimen trees or large quantities of container plants.

  • The trees are shipped upright and are more stable in transit. Upon arrival they can be easily unloaded and placed in your garden.
  • Pallet shipping saves you money on shipping. You can ship an entire gardens worth of material on a single pallet.
  • Pallet shipping only takes about a week depending on your location.

How do I order a pallet shipment?

When you check out on our website and have a large order of container trees or a specimen you will see an option for "Pallet shipping estimate - actual amount will be charged". When you select this option you will be charged an estimate for your shipment and we will contact you with the final details of when the order will be shipped and what the final cost will be. Our estimates are based off of previous shipments and we strive to make them as accurate as possible. We do not make money on shipping and charge you the actual cost of shipping your order.

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