National Arbor Day is just around the corner – April 29, 2016!

National Arbor Day is just around the corner – April 29, 2016!

Arbor Day was started by J. Sterling Morton in 1872 and was first observed in Nebraska. The Arbor Day Foundation was started in 1972 on the first centennial and is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees. National Arbor Day is April 29 2016 but check the link below for your state-specific Arbor Days. The timing of Arbor day coincides beautifully with spring and an ideal time to plant.

We have several types of tree seedlings for sale. These Arbor Day trees are easy to care for and require little attention.

Ginkgo seedlings for arbor day

Ginkgoes, also known as the Maidenhair Tree, are deciduous trees that originate from China. They are low maintenance and grow in USDA zones 4-9. Almost any kind of soil will support a ginkgo and they tolerate urban conditions well. Full sun is the ideal exposure for ginkgoes, but they tolerate partial shade and might grow slightly slower. Due to their resilient nature they are perfect candidates for street trees to grow along the sidewalks. Once established, ginkgoes require very little attention. They are drought tolerant and flourish in difficult climates such as Florida and the south.

Ginkgo biloba trees are known for their distinctively shaped leaves that turn a brilliant yellow in the fall and cover the surrounding ground with a blanket of color. We offer many dwarf varieties of ginkgoes (link to ginkgoes), but the seedlings we have for Arbor Day are the species tree that grows rapidly and can grow to 80 feet or taller. Ginkgoes are an ancient tree with records of the leaves imprinted in fossil beds. Arbor day foundation guide to ginkgoes.

Ginkgo biloba

(Maidenhair tree seedlings)

Deciduous, broad canopy Zone 4-9

Pinus contorta var. latifolia

(Lodgepole pine seedlings)

Columnar, Zone 5-8

Pinus sylvestris

(Scots pine seedlings)

Generally columnar or pyramidal, Zone 3-8

Acer palmatum

(Japanese maples seedlings)

Deciduous, fast growing, and colorful leaves Zone 5-9

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